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Every Successful Project Begins with discovery

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Real results need a clear strategy built on a solid understanding of your business requirements and the needs of your clients.

What We Do

Customer Journey Mapping

A visual representation of how your customers and clients experience your service. A key piece of research that supports choices in navigation and interface design, what content to produce through to how to support service delivery.

SEO Keyword Research

Stop guessing and know for sure what your potential clients are typing into search engines when they are looking for the solutions that you are offering. Essential for creating content that rises to the top of google, and for crafting Google ad campaigns that bring in targeted leads that convert.

Sales Funnel Planning

From your lead magnet to your big ticket service offering, smooth the path for your clients. An essential task to be completed before driving traffic to a site through paid advertising, know where you will send visitors to have the best chance of converting them to your entry level offer, then begin to educate them through automated email sequences.

Competitor Research

We review your closest competitors and uncover the strengths and weaknesses of their digital presence, identifying opportunities to take advantage of. We look at competitors in your local market as well as those competing for your target keywords on Google.


A snapshot of all your analytics taken before implementing the new strategy, so you can measure the impact of any changes.

Content Strategy

A plan for all your website content to ensure you are communicating your key messages so that visitors can see the value in working with you, and so that Google sees your content as a great match for specific searches.

Information Architecture

A clear structure for your website, the names of the pages and blog post categories, and navigation, optimised for SEO and user experience.

Conversion Optimisation

The percentage of visitors to your website who take the desired action (eg purchase) is known as your conversion rate. Maximising this is essential to get the most of your website traffic, especially before paying for traffic from Google or Facebook Ads.

Digital Strategy

We present our recommendations in your custom Digital Strategy Report. You have all the information to move into the next phase and can choose to implement with us, do it in house, or with any service provider you choose.

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Digital Strategy Discovery starts from $5,000 plus GST. 

Discovery is suitable for any service based business or community organisation who is considering investing in a new website or digital marketing services, and wants to ensure that they get a return on their spend. 


Competitor Analysis

Customer Journey Map

Information Architecture

Sales Funnel Map

Quick Wins

Content Strategy

SEO Keyword Strategy

Most Discovery engagements last around 4-6 weeks.

At the end of the discovery phase, we present you with your custom Digital Strategy Report. It contains all our recommendations for your project, including website requirements, SEO Keyword & Content Strategy. You are free to continue to work with us to implement part or all of the strategy, implement it in-house, or engage another service provider.

Start by booking a free introduction call. It’s just 20 minutes and we’ll get an idea of whether the Digital Strategy Discovery process is right for your business. If we’re a good fit, and we think we’ll be able to get you the results you’re looking for, we’ll send a proposal with all the details.

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